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Why the Horix Dismantling Program is truly a TRUST Dismantling Program

Updated: May 26, 2022

Trust is the base of human relations: from your Parents, Relatives, down to your Doctor, Friends and Colleagues, trust is what builds your sociality and helps you get more out of your life, especially when you’re in need of help or others are in need of you.

Trust it’s about giving, first; it’s about ensuring honest dedication and love, free from ulterior motives.

Things in our Business are maybe not as romantic as above, but still Trust is one of the fundamental aspects to take into account when building your network as a Spare Parts Distributor dealing with dismantling opportunities.

Some Customers and Operators use to leave the dismantling market as the last chance to explore, when searching for parts; I agree, it’s great to get rotables fresh after Overhaul, or even Repair but what is the cost of that in terms of money and time?

Why “removed in SERVICEABLE condition” parts enjoy less confidence?

Let’s build a bit of trust in them, let’s quickly go through the process to discover how the dismantling market can be not a but THE win-win opportunity.

When building trust, in aviation, you are committed to quality. It’s not a matter of dismantling whatever and whatever it takes, but to analyze the market for the most convenient platforms that can be dismantled, ensuring an economic return for both the Property and the Company selling the parts.

Must be an aircraft still with a value (and here, value is directly referring to the remaining hours of its most expensive components, like engines for example) and a conspicuous flying fleet in need for parts.

It must not be just an aircraft: must be airworthy, not affected by accidents or incidents in his past, not used in bad / dangerous environments.

When decided the platform is the right one for the objective, it’s a matter of checking papers: all the parts we want to remove in serviceable conditions must be checked first for their documental history, to ensure full trace to the next end-user and to allow the Part-145 to issue a release certificate.

And again, not just a Part-145, but a dedicated service center with technicians and engineers rated on the platform and with availability of specific tools that might be needed for dismantling.

After that, another documental and physical check of the parts takes place before the storage, to ensure excellence in quality and safety.

And when finished, the same process starts on another platform, keeping into account the improvement opportunities offered by our experience, in a never-ending virtuous circle.

This is what we promise and we do, this is why we became the Swiss Trusted Solution for Aerospace Components Management.

Are you still sure that dismantled parts are to be considered just kind of a backup :) ?

Contact us today and let our Team serve you.

Horix Trust Consignment Program: Easy, Trusted Process.

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