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Inventory Purchase Program

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Got parts inventory you can't sell, aren't using, need to get rid of? We buy your parts.


Do you have a stock of Spare Parts to sell? Send us the list and we will estimate the Fair Market Value (FMV) of your inventory for the best possible return. Horix Aerospace is one of the leading experts in the world in the spare parts inventories evaluation and asset appraisal.

Securely upload your files here!

Unused Spare Parts Inventory? Get Cash from Your Unused Inventory.

Easy & Trusted Process.

If you have unused spare parts inventory that is no longer needed, or simply isn't moving fast enough, with Horix you get more space and free up inventory. Keeping those parts and components is costing you money while slowing down cash flow.

Horix has customers all over the world who need your parts immediately. We buy your parts. Now you can exchange underutilized inventory for cash.

We pay you cash for Fair Market Value.

Let's talk. Please contact the Horix office for expert answers to your questions. We can get you started to make inventory liquidation an easy and rewarding process.

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