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Trust Consignment Program

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  1. Turn your liabilities into profitable assets

  2. Fixed fee rate

  3. No logistics fees


Are you an aircraft operator or MRO tired of managing an unprofitable spare parts inventory? Keeping those parts and components is costing you money while slowing down cash flow.

If you have unused inventory that won't sell, is no longer needed, or simply isn't moving fast enough, with Horix you get more space, free up inventory and save advertising cost.

Through our dedicated team we take care of the complete process of storage, tracking and remarketing of surplus inventories. We handle all aspects of logistics and sales to sell your inventory as quickly as possible.

Get Cash from Your Unused Inventory.

Easy & Trusted Process.

Recover the value from your underutilized inventory, free up space, reduce advertising costs, and add to your company's liquidity.

Please contact us to discuss your underutilized inventory. We have years of experience as one of the aircraft industry's most respected and relied upon suppliers of new and used aircraft parts and related supplies.

Call now to create an equitable Consignment Agreement that will pay you cash for unwanted inventory. It's the big boost your business needs for greater success.

Read our Definitive Guide to learn more.

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