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Swiss + Competitiveness = Swissness!

Updated: Feb 23

The IMD (International Institute for Management Development) has ranked Switzerland FIRST (!) in the world ranking of competitiveness for 2021.

Taking the advantages of both its unique place in the heart of Europe and its neutrality, Swiss represents an important logistic hub, with the most modern and efficient infrastructures in the World. And when it comes to infrastructures, investments are fundamental: thanks to the stability and transparency of Swiss institutions and strong public finances, Switzerland can easily attract capitals; the Swiss Franc, on the other hand, is a safe haven currency, with great stability and low-interest rates.

But Switzerland is on top of the World also regarding Talent ranking and Innovation.

A special place can be reserved for Switzerland also regarding Sports; take a look at the Podium of the Woman’s Cross Country race at Tokyo 2020 and you’ll be shocked.

Our opinion for this overall success of Switzerland? Well, it’s more than a series of numbers and facts, it’s kind of a magic way of life; it’s Switzerland... or in this case I would say... Swissness!

At this time of increasing global uncertainty, you need a place to preserve your assets and make them return, and Switzerland is the best place for high value asset storage.

We are the Swiss trusted solution for aerospace components management and through our Horix Trust Consignment Program, we make your assets profitable and secured.

Come and enjoy the taste of Swissness, contact us today via the contact form!

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