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Quality as a Business Tool

Updated: Feb 23

If there’s any department in your Company where it is important to rely and invest, well, this is the one of Quality.

Quality, in the history of Aviation, has been the key factor that statistically made Aircrafts the safest mean of transport.

This is for sure because of technological evolution of Avionics and Systems, but we need to pay special attention on the human factors and processes, which are sometimes the cause of an incident.

Quality is undoubtedly a value added for any sector, but especially for aviation, is something you can’t do without; also on a commercial side, Quality has to be seen as a Partner, as a Business Tool to improve the external perception of your Company and to be selected as a preferred supplier from your Customers.

Quality involves all the areas of an Aviation Company, from Engineering through Manufacturing and Maintenance; it is genetically embedded in the Company DNA to ensure Customers will get services or parts as per their expectations, defines and periodically reviews the Company Quality Standards to meet this objective, now and in the future.

We can easily define five basic Standards that adapts to any Company in the World:

  1. Check what you have done;

  2. Check what you are doing;

  3. Do what you are doing at the best of your possibilities;

  4. Give your products the best (technical) design possible;

  5. Continuously measure your results with the proper metrics.

  6. Back to point 1)

When repeating the above basic list of measures, a simple but effective Management Process is in place.

There was a time where Quality Systems were not usual or even present in the Industry, as the predominant philosophy was to produce and produce, no matter what, and the results were not successful. Who won at that time? Companies able to differentiate, making dependable and efficient products or better, in two words, Quality products.

And of course, in Aviation, where efficiency and dependability are the most important features in a specific part or in an entire Aircraft assembly, the urgency to create standards in Quality Management System was high.

More in general, a Quality Management System must define or provide:

  • the quality policy to meet the requirements of different users as closely as possible;

  • a Quality Assurance Program, containing procedures to verify that all operations are being conducted in accordance with applicable requirements, standards and procedures;

  • evidence of the functioning of the quality system by means of manuals and monitoring documents;

  • management representatives to monitor compliance with, and adequacy of, procedures to ensure safe and efficient operational practices;

  • reviews of the quality system in place and take remedial actions, as appropriate.

This implies that any Aviation Company must have an internal Quality Department able to comply with above requirements, which might be quite expensive especially for the smallest. When the dimensions of the Company are not allowing to create their own Quality Department, there are external certified auditors in charge to periodically verify the Quality requirements in place and release a certificate of conformance to the required standards (ISO9001, AS9100, AS9120, …). Internal Audits are carried out by a Quality Manager that must always be present.

We pay special attention to Quality, and through our Certifications AS9120B and ISO9001:2015, we made Quality our main Business Tool.

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Horix Aerospace: Easy, Trusted Process.

About Horix Aerospace

Horix Aerospace is an horizontally integrated aerospace company, strongly focused in Spare Parts Management solutions for the Business Aircraft Market. Horix has developed both the Trust Consignment Program and the Trust Dismantling Program to offer clients a unique opportunity becoming the Swiss Trusted Solution for Aerospace Components Management. With over $30M in assets under management, Horix Aerospace has become a disruptive force in the Aerospace Industry with both its Trust Dismantling Program and unique Business Model.

Strongly capitalized and managed by a team of industry veterans, Horix Aerospace is proud to be a Swiss owned and operated company.

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