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Military-grade barrier film component packaging

You have ordered a spare part from one of your suppliers and you receive it in very poor condition.

The reason is that it is a hard to find obsolete component and has been on a shelf for many years. The packaging is damaged and partially opened, and the material has been in contact with the outside air for years.

Well, how are aeronautical spare parts to be stored?

This is a condition that we at Horix Aerospace know very well and we prevent by following a strict procedure.

Every incoming part, even if it's a 1960's component, is carefully checked and the packaging replaced with a new one with updated specifications such as the protective barrier Mil-PRF-131 Class 1.

Military-grade barrier film protect goods from atmospheric agents during transport as well as long term storage and guarantees resistance to moisture, water, light, temperature and UV rays and has an excellent vacuum hold.

With our equipment we can wrap both small and larger components such as a P&WC PT6 turbine with the protective barrier Mil-PRF-131 Class 1.

The air inside is extracted with a vacuum in order to remove all the air that can damage the component in the years to come. We also add clay desiccants to ensure that no traces of moisture are left behind.

This is the only way to guarantee a long service life for high-value aircraft components.

Are you an aircraft operator and you want to secure your assets?

Through our dedicated team we take care of the complete process of storage and tracking of inventories. We handle all aspects of logistics to ensure the proper preservation of your assets.

Easy, trusted process.


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