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Military-Grade Barrier Film for Components Packaging

Updated: May 21, 2022

It might happen: you have ordered an expensive NS Sikorsky S61 hydraulic actuator from one of your Suppliers, and received it in very poor conditions.

You can expect such a situation, as this item is quite old and hard-to-find; this has probably been out of his original packaging for ages, unprotected from UV rays, dust and moisture.

At Horix, we know this eventuality, and since we deal with a huge number of hard-to-find items, we decided to adopt a strict procedure to ensure the adequate material protection.

All of our parts are carefully checked with an accurate inspection procedure, the original packaging is always replaced and when it comes to store expensive items, we make extensive use of a protective barrier MIL-PRF-131 Class 1.

This Military-Grade Barrier Film protects goods from atmospheric agents during transport as well as long term storage and guarantees resistance to moisture, water, light, temperature and UV rays and has an excellent vacuum hold.

We are equipped to vacuum-wrap small to large items, like engines (typically P&WC PT6 turbine) or Main Gearboxes; we also add clay desiccants to ensure that moisture level is under control.

Are you an aircraft operator? Want to secure your assets?

Through our dedicated Team, we take care of the complete process of Inspection, Storage and Tracking of Inventory. We manage all aspects of Logistics, to ensure your assets a 1st Class handling.

Contact the Horix Sales Team today!

Easy, Trusted Process.

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