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Aviation and extreme weather events: turn a disgrace into an Opportunity

Extreme weather events are becoming common in the last decade, we have many examples also in the last news from Germany, Belgium, together with other European countries and the US.

So many Lives and properties lost, and just no words, when we face the brutality of the images from these incredible disgraces.

Probably, we are not qualified to talk about these extreme events and their consequences, but when Aviation is touched from these events, we have a solution.

We have examples from airfields in our Country, where hangars and Aircrafts of all types have been badly damaged from unusual snow and powerful, sudden storms, in some cases with no possibility for a quick return to service.

Other cases from the US: heavy snowstorm on Virginia - Washington Dulles International Airport in 2010, with a hangar roof collapsing on a G550 and two Global Express parked inside; 2017, Cat. 5 Hurricane Irma devastating Airports and FBOs in the Caribbean, while heading to the US mainland; Tornadoes in April 2020, hitting Louisiana (Monroe Regional Airport - MLU ) and South Carolina (Lowcountry Regional Airport - RBW ) and causing several dozens deaths and damages to property for millions.

Or again in Brazil, where in 2014 a summer storm heavily hit the São Paulo Congonhas Airport, causing an hangar roof to collapse on a 2014 brand new Challenger 300 and badly damaging a King-Air.

But here is where our Horix Trust Dismantling Program can help Insurance Companies and Aircraft Owners turn the remains of damaged Aircrafts into a valuable asset: we can dismantle, certify and make stock of the serviceable parts; selling them is the easiest part of the job, thanks to our extensive network of Customers all around the World, no matter what kind of Aircraft we are talking about.

We don't have a solution for extreme weather, but we can still help to mitigate the consequences.

Interested? Check our Horix Trust Dismantling Program White Paper or call us today!

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