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H61 Master Program

H61 Master Program FA_full logo.png

Thanks to the H61 Master Program, Horix Aerospace, as the largest S61 stocking distributor in Europe, provides spare parts support for Sikorsky S61 operators around the globe to ensure that this durable helicopter will continue to keep flying for the coming years.

Spare parts are stored and managed according to the Horix Aerospace AS9120B quality management system.

Horix Aerospace sells only what is really in stock! No lead times, no delay, immediate shipments.

Unused Sikorsky S61 spare parts inventory?

Get Cash from Your Unused Inventory - Easy, Trusted Process.
If you have unused S61 inventory that is no longer needed, or simply isn't moving fast enough, with Horix Aerospace you get more space and free up inventory. Keeping those parts and components is costing you money while slowing down cash flow.

Horix Aerospace has customers all over the world who need your parts immediately. Our clients buy your parts. We pay you fair market value. Now you can exchange underutilized inventory for cash.


H109 Dismantling Program

Your helicopter is no longer worth what you thought and the engine overhaul costs are higher than the value of the helicopter itself. It's a situation you find yourself after years of flying and rising maintenance costs, and now you're uncertain about the future of your aging Agusta A109 helicopter.

H109 Dismantling Program FA-01.png

The ultimate solution is the Horix Trust Dismantling Program

We take care of the dismantling process of your helicopter, each part gets certified by an EASA Part 145 MRO and traced by the Horix ERP system.

Horix Trust Consignment. Easy, Trusted Process


Let's talk. Please contact the Horix office for expert answers to your questions.

We can get you started to make inventory liquidation an easy and rewarding process.

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