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TT31 Mode S Transponder

P/N 00225-00-01

Class 1, 240 Watt, TSO-C166b

The TT31 is a popular plug and play replacement for the KT76A, KT76C & KT78A. It is also ideal for a new stack installation. The TT31 comes in two versions, with a mounting tray (complete) or as a unit only. ADS-B Out 1090ES can be added to the TT31 by retaining the original tray and re-configuring the serial connectors and pairing with a suitable external GPS, such as the TN72, TN70 or GNS or GTN WAAS Navigator.
The TT31 complete includes a mounting tray, installation kit, and document kit – containing an installation and user manual.

TRIG TT31 Transponder

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