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Warranty on NS parts

Buying a new part means having the assurance of a warranty of at least one year.

This gives the buyer confidence that if he finds a defect in the product he can return it within the warranty period.

Unfortunately, you don't always have this comfort with used components; warranty on obsolete parts is not a matter of course.

Even with repaired items many MROs do not give a warranty on the repair; if you pick up the component and it is found to be faulty, no warranty covers the work.

It is a frustrating situation where no buyer would want to be.

The same applies to long term stored components. These are new components, but the manufacturer's warranty is expired.

They may have been in stock for decades, perfectly packaged and stored, but always new.

New long term stored components can become hard to find parts because they have become unavailable. Who can give us a warranty on a new part that has been on stock for 30 years?

We at Horix Aerospace give a warranty for new parts, even if outside the manufacturer's warranty coverage, of at least 3 months.

This warranty gives the buyer the assurance that if the installed part results to be defective, he will get back 100% of the cost without restocking fees.


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