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Warranty on New Surplus or Used parts.

Updated: May 21, 2022

Buying an item in New or Serviceable Conditions means having a warranty of at least one year. Warranty is always a hot topic, as this protects both the MRO and the final Customer from defects and unplanned expenses.

Especially when dealing with New Surplus or Used parts, warranty is volatile and depends on the goodwill of your Supplier; sometimes even with repaired items, except for a dead-on-arrival, you may have troubles in getting warranty, as those items may have been stored for a long time.

It is a frustrating situation, where no Buyer or Customer deserves to be.

New long term stored components can easily become hard to find parts; who feels so brave to agree warranty terms on a new part, in stock since the magic 80s?

Well, we are.

Horix Aerospace gives a full three months warranty for New, New Surplus and Serviceable parts, even if outside the manufacturer's warranty coverage.

No hidden tricks or fine prints, you will get 100% credit back in case of demonstrated failure or defect, without restocking fees.

Horix Aerospace is available to help you step your business to the next level.

Contact us today by filling out the contact form.

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