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Switzerland rhymes with Innovation

There are several indicators measured to evaluate the level of innovation of a Country; one of the most important is the number of patent requests per year.

You might think of Switzerland as a green, peaceful country filled with banks, mountains, cows, chocolate, watches and cheese, but there’s even more behind the curtain of those clichés.

Let’s start with the Global Innovation Index for 2021 - And the winner is... Switzerland!

Just think of the fact that in Europe, Swiss industrial groups like Roche and ABB are respectively in first and second position for patent registration requests in 2021, and six Swiss Cantons are included in the list of the 30 European regions with the highest rate of patent requests.

Some would say, that’s an easy achievement, when 3 of the top 5 capitalized Companies in Europe are located in Switzerland... True - but then, let’s think about the geographical dimensions, population and GDP (Gross Domestic Product) compared with USA (bronze medal in the Global Innovation Index 2021) or again Germany (10th place) and Italy (29th place): suddenly, considerations change.

The more you are innovative as a Country, the more investments you attract: Switzerland is again and will be a great place where to invest and we, at Horix, are aware of that.

We offer a range of innovative and interesting programs for Airlines, Aircraft Operators and Owners and MROs, like our Horix Trust Dismantling Program and the Horix Trust Consignment Program.

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Horix Aerospace: Easy, Trusted Process.

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