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Supplier Evaluation

Updated: May 21, 2022

Safety is probably the most important factor in Aviation, together with Quality.

One of the special moments where Safety meets Quality, is Suppliers’ evaluation.

Starting from May 2019, EASA published a new guidance for Part-145, regulating the procedures to accept spare parts, standard parts and materials; not only, but the procedures for material acceptance must include a dedicated section for supplier evaluation.

It is a reasonable requirement, at first quite heavy to incorporate especially for smaller MROs but still an excellent way to ensure that any source providing components, standard parts or materials, has a specific, compliant quality process in place and is eligible as an accredited source.

Since “source” is a very general term, we must include in the list of possible sources also Aircraft Owners, Operators, Part-145 and Part-21 organizations, brokers, distributors, stockiest, etc... .

When the Part-145 organization is big enough, suppliers can be periodically evaluated (“Audited”) checking full compliance with the EASA’s 16 elements of the Supplier’s Quality System; in case the Part-145 is too small to conduct audits, EASA allowed to rely on third party accreditations, that are given by external organizations in charge to evaluate the suppliers’ Quality System under EASA specifications.

When suppliers are accredited by officially recognized third parties, it is assured that they have a good QMS (Quality Management System) in place.

Most famous and globally recognized accreditations are:

  • EN/AS9120B (Ref. OASIS database)

  • ASA-100 (Ref. Aviation Suppliers Association)

  • EASO 2012 (Ref. European Aviation Suppliers Organization)

  • FAA AC 00-56 (Ref. Aviation Suppliers Association)

When your focus is to distribute or stock and sell Aviation spare parts, AS9120B is a must: this standard for QMS has been prepared by IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group) in order to meet and standardize the quality management system requirements for aviation spare parts Companies, all over the World.

All registered Companies can be searched through the IAQG database called OASIS (Online Aerospace Supplier Information System), where the certification details are available and constantly updated.

Once more, you can trust us: we are AS9120B / EN9120:2018 and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Feel free to download our Part-145 Supplier Evaluation Square Card for a quick reminder on above notions.

About Us: Horix Aerospace is a horizontally integrated aerospace company, focused in spare parts management solutions for the business aircraft market. Horix has developed both the Trust Consignment Program and the Trust Dismantling Program to offer clients a unique opportunity becoming the Swiss Trusted Solution for aerospace components management.

Need parts? Contact us today! Easy, Trusted Process.

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