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Fair Spare Parts Pricing in Aviation

Updated: May 21, 2022

A fundamental step for a successful aircraft parts sale is obviously pricing.

Indeed, the right price for aviation spare parts is not necessarily the lowest or the highest on the market, but the fairest.

Being fair on pricing helps you to establish a strong and long-term relationship with Customers; this ensures they will knock your door first, in case of future requirements, improving the conversion rate between quotes and incoming orders.

Aviation market is quite big, but when you specialize on a specific platform (e.g. a specific family of aircrafts or

helicopters), you have the great occasion to become a point of reference by building your prestige among your competitors, quote by quote.

In few words: your Customers win, You win.

There are several things to take into consideration when pricing a part, such as:

· Item Conditions: meaning exterior/aesthetic conditions;

· Traceability: Do I have the required traceability, for a part in one of the above conditions?

· Availability on the market: how many competitors have this item in stock? In which quantity?

· Urgency: AOG or Routine?

Ultimately, being fair on pricing means to give the right answer to ALL of the above questions; this requires experience, and the proper set of skills, some hard, some soft.

At Horix Aerospace, we understand your needs: fast support, quality and, last but not least, the right price for the right part.

Seeing is believing, contact us today!

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