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Extraordinary Achievements in Extraordinary Times: meditations on how we dealt with the crisis

Updated: Feb 23

Let’s make an exercise: try to check any of your favorite Aviation Supplier’s website, and you will immediately discover something they all have in common: a COVID-19 notice, telling the Customers about availability of parts and services even during the pandemic.

Visit then our website; no notice and no mention to the COVID-19.

It’s not related to lack of interest on this sad and unexpected health crisis, or a missed update of our homepage.

It is simply something we wanted to avoid, deliberately.

It’s not new, that this critical condition led the entire aviation industry in a serious crisis: thousands of jobs lost and airliners with lots of aircrafts in storage, with MRO companies struggling to survive with empty hangars.

But there’s something we must consider, related to the origin and etymology of the term Crisis.

This term derives from a Greek word, a verb to be honest, “Krinein”, that means discern, judge, evaluate, meditate.

In recent times, the term Crisis has been given a negative meaning, but knowing its origin, we can give it a chance to represent something more positive: a time in which invest and meditate on new ideas and solutions, to change or adapt in order to emerge stronger, with a brighter future ahead.

That said, we still consider this an extraordinary, difficult period, in the worst possible meaning, but we are obliged to go on, looking for new opportunities and offering state-of-the-art services, investing in the existing Company infrastructure and possibly expanding with new employees, capabilities and market share.

Extraordinary periods bring extraordinary efforts, but hard work always pays, creating a virtuous cycle that never stops, resulting in extraordinary achievements.

And so we never stopped, adapting and moving our business through to the COVID-19 restrictions, giving support with our large stock to thousands of Customer and launching our Horix Trust Consignment Program, parting our first two Helicopters out (A109E and A109K2) with an unexpected sale success.

Never settle, never think you are arrived: the unexpected might always surprise you; the key, is to find the way to surprise the unexpected.

Horix Aerospace: Easy, Trusted Process.

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