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Aviation Forklifts

Updated: Feb 23

Aircraft spare parts distributors, MROs (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul) or OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) need to handle parts of all types and sizes, from small parts that can be easily handled by hand to oversized parts (such as large wooden crates for the storage of structural parts), that need special equipments like counterbalanced forklifts with long forks, side loaders or multi-directional forklifts.

Counterbalanced Forklifts

A forklift is a truck able to lift weights. The Clark Material Handling Company was one of the first forklift manufacturers over a century ago. Today, the evolution of these types of forklifts are defined as counterbalanced forklifts.

Pallet Stackers

Unlike counterbalanced forklifts, Pallet Stackers are machines that are only used for handling standard pallets. Pallet Stackers are very practical for working in narrow spaces and their load capacities normally vary from 1 to 1.5 tons.


The Sideloader is a forklift truck specifically designed for the handling of very long loads. It loads the material longitudinally while the standard forklift loads the material crosswise; is ideal for handling long loads, normally longer than 5 meters, in order to enter inside the warehouses through regular doors.

Multi-directional forklifts

The Multi-directional forklifts have all the advantages of Sideloaders while maintaining characteristics similar to a counterbalanced forklifts.

The Irish Combilift was the first company to develop the Multi-directional forklift also known as 4-way forklift and it is the market leader, producing a wide range of these special forklifts, able to carry long loads in aisles as narrow as its own width.

The forklifts of any type have in common the mast type, which can be Simplex, Duplex or Triplex.

Normally, for low working heights, the masts used are simplex, with 2 stages and without full free lift. For heights over 4.5 meters, triplex masts with total free lift are normally used.

Therefore, the choice of the right forklift truck is based on the type of material to be handled and the frequency of handling.

Moreover, if you work inside, electric forklifts are preferred, while outside, diesel forklifts are preferred. Electric and diesel forklifts are very common in Europe, while gas forklifts are more common in the US.

Obviously, some types of equipment, such as Pallet Stackers, are only electric.

At Horix Aerospace warehouse, we use Pallet Stackers and Counterbalanced Forklifts both types with full free lift triplex mast with a maximum height of 4.8 meters. The triplex masts enable a minimal closed height, as low as just 2 meters.

The pallet stackers are used for storage in the pallet rack warehouse, while counterbalanced forklifts for pallet and crates handling.

With our fleet of 10 handling equipments, we are able to handle from standard pallets to special oversized wooden crates.

The Horix Aerospace logistic team is available to help you manage your aviation components. Contact us today by filling out the contact form.

Easy, trusted process.

About Horix Aerospace

Horix Aerospace is an horizontally integrated aerospace company, strongly focused in Spare Parts Management solutions for the Business Aircraft Market. Horix has developed both the Trust Consignment Program and the Trust Dismantling Program to offer clients a unique opportunity becoming the Swiss Trusted Solution for Aerospace Components Management. With over $30M in assets under management, Horix Aerospace has become a disruptive force in the Aerospace Industry with both its Trust Dismantling Program and unique Business Model.

Strongly capitalized and managed by a team of industry veterans, Horix Aerospace is proud to be a Swiss owned and operated company.

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