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Aviation ERP for Spare Parts Distributors

In the last 2 years, we’ve been asked by many Companies about our feelings and opinions on Software; that’s why we took the opportunity to write an article on that to clarify, what moved us to change from Quantum to and how we are doing today.

During 2016, our Founders quietly decided to reinvent the aviation parts distribution industry, with the vision to create our own consignment model managed by a state-of-the-art system, bringing the required parts directly to end users.

At the beginning, we went for Quantum.

The initial choice of this ERP system was driven by a simple concept: let’s use the most widely used software in the aviation parts distribution industry: Quantum Control. Right from the go-live, the system proved to be absolutely complete and ready but slow in processing, with a good but old-fashioned 90s-style UI (user interface), sometimes not so friendly.

Quantum Control Interface

We probably were too small to invest on an in-house server to improve overall performances; not only, but the advantages of the Cloud kept rising in the last 3 years.

So, before to change, we tried the Cloud-based Quantum version but again, this was too slow: we recognize Quantum as the most commonly used ERP in the aviation market, that’s for sure, probably not the best one for our business.

The (expensive) Customer Support never really solved our Issues, so we started looking for something new, better, or just different.

We started looking for a cloud-based solution, specific for our market segment: the first Company we came in contact with was, found on LinkedIn, through direct contact with its CEO.

We decided to leave Quantum Control after 3 years of use: we have been the first Company in the World to migrate from Quantum to

During the implementation phase, had several minor bugs to fix, but the Customer Service Team was - and is still today - 24/7 available and can solve any issue in a couple of hours, depending on the complexity of the request.

Regarding Customizations, almost impossible with Quantum, these are implemented efficiently and in a timely manner and the software is constantly updated with new interesting features.

Just a further note: updates and customizations are included in the monthly fee.

We were missing so many tools, transactions, indicators and reports with Quantum, that are now available: for example the outstanding pdf generator, the database connection with Tableau for easy reporting and the inventory export tool (or inventory synchronization) for easy PartsBase and ILS listings update.

New functions have been implemented with our inputs, such as the possibility to manage parts under different Consignment Agreements or the automatic issuing of the ATA 106 Form - instead of a standard COC - for each Sales Order.

We are fully operational since May 2020 with and we are satisfied with this important change, as this brought a substantial improvement on management of the entire Sales process, from receiving RFQs to the final delivery, without any need for supplemental modules.

Need more information about this subject, or about our Programs?

Feel free to contact us through the contact form at any time!

Horix Aerospace, the Swiss Trusted Solution for Aerospace Components Management.

About Horix Aerospace

Horix Aerospace Ltd is a horizontally integrated aerospace company, strongly focused in Spare Parts Management solutions for the Business Aircraft Market. Horix has developed both the Trust Consignment Program and the Trust Dismantling Program to offer clients a unique opportunity becoming the Swiss Trusted Solution for Aerospace Components Management. With over $30M in assets under management, Horix Aerospace has become a disruptive force in the Aerospace Industry with both its Trust Dismantling Program and unique Business Model.

Strongly capitalized and managed by a team of industry veterans, Horix Aerospace is proud to be a Swiss owned and operated company.

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