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(Aviation) Acronyms

Updated: May 21, 2022

Contemporary history has seen the birth and expansion of a particular way of communication: acronyms.

Acronyms are words usually composed by the initial letters of longer names or phrases and widely used in all sectors, from industrial to military and so on.

There are differences between Acronyms (an abbreviation pronounced as a word, like GIF - Graphics Interchange Format or LASER - Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation), Abbreviations (pronounced as series of single letters, like FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation or E.G. - Exemplii Gratia) or again Syllabic-Abbreviations (pronounced as a syllabic parts of a word, like FOREX - Foreign Exchange or INTERPOL - International Criminal Police Organization).

We could go on discussing about dozens of different forms of abbreviation or even Acronym sub-types, but we’re not titled to do that; since we are Aviation Professionals, we will stay in our field and, for the sake of simplicity, we will define as Aviation Acronyms all the abbreviations strictly inherent to our Industry.

Starting with the (IN)famous one, AOG and going through the equally famous but sometimes not so clear (especially for newcomers) AN, MS, NAS, Aviation is full of acronyms that we all know: not only to define the status of an aircraft not airworthy due to missing parts needed for urgent maintenance (Aircraft On Ground), but also for the manual used by technicians to fix it (AMM - Aircraft Maintenance Manual) or to fix the failed component (CMM - Component Maintenance Manual), or again to define the component conditions (US - Unserviceable, AR - As Removed, NE - New, RD - Repaired, RP - Repairable) or the Certificate of Conformance supplied with a certain item (CofC).

Especially on parts conditions, we will write a dedicated post later; for the remaining and most popular Aviation Acronyms, here’s a link to download one of our useful Horix SquareCard, to help you “decrypt” your next quotation or purchase order!

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