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Alternate Part Numbers: Airbus and Leonardo Titanium blind Rivets

Have you ever been searching for a specific rivet for a structural repair, without success or getting high prices with undefined lead time?

This is what usually happens when your Supply Chain Team ignores that under a certain type of rivet, with a specific P/N, there is always at least one alternative number to search for, identifying the same item from different manufacturers.

Let’s take as example the titanium blind rivets Part Numbers from Leonardo Helicopters. These are defined with a specific Aircraft OEM P/N, so it’s always difficult to find the exact reference for sale.

To an unexperienced eye, P/N A297A04TW01 might appear as a very specific rivet, with use limited only to Leonardo platforms...what happens when we say that this P/N is equivalent to CR7773S-04-01W ? Sounds more familiar now, isn’t it?

Same as above for P/N ASNA0341T0408, which is the Airbus reference for CR7770S-04-08W.

As we are talking about expensive titanium blind rivets, this might make a difference, even for their price.

Need a short guide? Download for free our SquareCards with Leonardo and Airbus cross-reference for titanium rivets today

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