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A Quality Coffee Break: beyond the value of a beverage

Quality is everything; we could start and never end to speak about that, especially in the Aviation Market.

And especially in this and many other market segments, busy days are part of the game: that’s why a Coffee Break is sometimes vital, for many reasons.

When you enjoy a cup of good Italian Espresso Coffee with your Colleagues, you’re not only relaxing from the rush of the working day, but you are significantly contributing to improve the communication within your Team, sharing and refreshing your ideas, with benefits in problem solving, motivation and creativity, as different trustworthy studies suggest.

A nice and comfortable Coffee Break area could also have an important impact on the Customers’ perception of your Company.

But a Coffee Break is nothing without a Quality Coffee, and here we have a tip for you.

We recently introduced a new Coffe Brand over all Horix locations, and yes, this is a big deal: we are constantly changing and adapting, and we are sure this will also change our working experience.

Have you ever heard about CERUTTI "il Caffè”?

If not, you have to.

Cerutti has lots of tasting points in Switzerland and abroad, and supplies a large variety of Clientele, including Restaurants, Bars and Hotels all over the world.

Nearly 60 years of experience in roasting the best Quality Coffee, with a laser sharp commitment to quality, excellence and uncompromising standards.

We know something about quality, so we thought this as a perfect match. And we’re probably the only Aerospace Company to provide a selection of the finest Coffee blends, directly coming from the Countries of origin and grown in the "fazendas”, according to an ancient tradition.

This is just an example of the latest improvements brought to Horix.

We look forward to share more with you in the future, and in the meantime, don’t hesitate to ask us for something special – if we don’t have it, chances are we can get it.

Wait... did we mention yet the Horix Trust Dismantling Program? Come check it out!

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