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Why your sales team don’t sell spare parts

You pay year by year a lot of money for PartsBase, ILSmart and other services that give your spare parts visibility. You receive a lot of request for quote and your people replay daily with a lot of quotations.

But the conversion rate is very poor. You think that the reason is because too many spare parts are on the market and there are many customer that ask for quotation and then don’t buy nothing. But you are wrong. The reason is that your business is not the spare parts sales. Your business is flying aircrafts and spare parts are out of your focus.

To be a market leader you need to be focused on your activity, otherwise you are doing too many things with the risk of not doing anything good.

We at Horix Aerospace just do one thing: spare parts management.

We know what the customer wants to hear: that we have the right part they are looking for, that we guarantee complete traceability and availability of documents and give them a warranty. All of this, right away.

We have a dedicated team for this purpose and a specific ERP system.

That's why if you are an aircraft operating company you should focus on your core business. And if you are an MRO you should focus on your core business as well.

Leave the management of obsolete parts and surplus to us. We value your inventory so you can focus more and more on the business that made you great.

Contact us today and let our team serve you.

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