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Why your Sales Team doesn’t perform

Updated: May 21, 2022

Let’s imagine, you are a MRO Company or an Operator, with an interesting surplus of inventory to sell.

Usage of platforms like PartsBase, ILSmart and others is expensive but common to obtain spare parts visibility. It is exciting, at least at the beginning, to see that you receive hundreds of RFQs, but even answering quickly to each of them, the conversion rate is not satisfactory. You may imagine that you’re offering late, or again that you are quoting for parts with large availability. Or simply, on the other side there’s just a person looking for a price reference. That’s maybe why no order comes to your inbox.

It might be in some cases, but the main reason why you’re not earning orders is that your real business is different, : spare parts sale is out of your focus.

To be a successful market player, you should always be focused on your main activity; the risk is to try do many things with a limited or inconsistent margin of success.

Horix Aerospace does just one thing: Spare Parts Management.

We know our Customers’ needs: the right part they are looking for, with proper traceability and warranty; we manage all requests thanks to a dedicated Sales Team, with an Aviation-specific ERP system.

Leave the management of obsolete parts and surplus to us. We value your inventory so that you can exclusively focus on your business.

Contact us today and let our team serve you.

Horix Trust Consignment. Easy, Trusted Process.

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