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Who wants your used helicopter?

You put your helicopter up for sale but nobody seems to be interested.

Then you tell your broker to lower the price and you hope that someone will call you.

The situation is frustrating because months go by but the aircraft does not sell.

You know you can no longer lower the price because you are losing too much than you thought you were going to get.

The time has come to consider dismantling the helicopter and selling the parts.

But how to do that?

The ultimate solution is the Horix Trust Consignment.

Horix Aerospace take care of the dismantling process of your helicopter, each part gets certified by an EASA Part 145 MRO and traced by our ERP system.

This is a smooth, no-hassle process that requires very little extra work or time for you or your staff. Horix Aerospace handle all aspects of logistics and sales to sell your parts as quickly as possible.

Horix Trust Consignment. Easy, Trusted Process.

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