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Unlocking Value: The Horix Trust Dismantling Program for Your Unsold Helicopter

Updated: Feb 23

You've tried everything to sell your helicopter. Lowering the price, seeking out potential buyers, and waiting patiently, but the aircraft remains unsold, sitting on the tarmac like a stagnant investment. The frustration builds, and the financial losses mount. It's time to consider an alternative approach - dismantling your helicopter and selling its parts. In this article, we explore why this could be THE option to unlock a hidden, unexpected value and introduce the Horix Trust Dismantling Program as a simple, seamless and viable solution.

The aviation market can be unpredictable, and selling an entire helicopter is often a challenging endeavor. As months go by without any takers, the financial strain becomes apparent, and the need for a new strategy arises. Lowering the price may seem like a logical step, but it comes with its own set of drawbacks, leading to losses that surpass initial expectations.

The Horix Trust Dismantling Program is a revolutionary solution for helicopter owners facing the dilemma of unsold aircrafts. Horix Aerospace, with its extensive experience and commitment to excellence, offers a smooth, no-hassle process for dismantling your helicopter and selling its parts.

One of the key advantages of choosing the Horix Trust Dismantling Program is the assurance that each part of your helicopter undergoes certification by an EASA Part 145 MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul). This certification guarantees the quality and airworthiness of the components, empowering confidence in potential buyers.

Upon dismantled , each part is then carefully inspected, packed and stored by our Logistic Team, and managed under our ERP system for an enhanced level of traceability, ensuring transparency of the process and completeness in the necessary information on the parts for sale.

To further streamline the sales process, we are present on almost all the online marketplaces - some popular, some not - with integrated APIs to immediately reflect any stock change or addition to our ERP, real-time.

This to give Customers the assurance that their parts have the highest audience possible and, for the audience, an improved reliability in terms of stock levels, from the cheapest to the most expensive of parts.

Time is a precious resource, and we care, answering to request for quotes almost instantly: Horix Aerospace leverages its extensive network and industry expertise to sell your helicopter parts as quickly as possible. We understand market dynamics and employs targeted strategies to find suitable buyers, maximizing the return on your investment.

The economic return of the Horix Trust Dismantling Program is ruled by our Trust Consignment Program, the same we apply to surplus inventory managed on behalf of our Customers; earn more about advantages, legal aspects, steps for creating your Consignment Agreement and more on our Trust Consignment Program reading one of our most successful articles Aircraft Spare Parts Consignment Agreement. The Definitive Guide.

Dismantling a helicopter and selling its parts may sound complex, but with Horix Aerospace, it becomes a wonderful experience, as we take charge of all logistics, from disassembly to transportation, ensuring an efficient and cost-effective process.

When faced with the challenge of selling an unsold helicopter, traditional methods may not always be the most effective. The Horix Trust Dismantling Program offers a forward-thinking alternative, allowing helicopter owners and operators to unlock value from their aircraft in a seamless and efficient manner. With a commitment to certification, traceability, and expertise in logistics and sales, Horix Aerospace provides a trusted solution for those seeking a new approach to the aircraft resale market. Consider the Horix Trust Dismantling Program as the pathway to turning your old helicopter into the valuable asset you deserve.

Do you want to turn your aging helicopter into profitable assets and get cash from its parts? Get in touch with our Team today and try the Horix Trust Dismantling Program.

Horix Trust Dismantling Program. Easy, Trusted Process.

About Horix Aerospace

Horix Aerospace is an horizontally integrated aerospace company, strongly focused in Spare Parts Management solutions for the Business Aircraft Market. Horix has developed both the Trust Consignment Program and the Trust Dismantling Program to offer clients a unique opportunity becoming the Swiss Trusted Solution for Aerospace Components Management. With over $30M in assets under management, Horix Aerospace has become a disruptive force in the Aerospace Industry with both its Trust Dismantling Program and unique Business Model.

Strongly capitalized and managed by a team of industry veterans, Horix Aerospace is proud to be a Swiss owned and operated company.

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